Customer Journey Mapping

The Process

A Customer Journey Map is a visual representation of your customers’ interactions with your business. Mapping out their journey helps visualise, in a simple, digestible manner, that enables high-level business decisions to be made to improve customer experience.

For businesses who rely on referrals from past customers, or those that have a focus on customer retention, developing a customer journey map can unlock hidden growth opportunities. 

The mapping process varies from business to business, but always follows these three steps:

Target audience icon

Target Audience Personas

To start, it's vital to understand who your target audience is.

By building profiles of the customer, we can start to understand their motivations, purpose, and reactions as they progress through your customer journey.

Customer Journey Map Icon

Customer Journey Map

With a solid base understanding of your audience, it's time to look at their journey with your product or service.

Here we seek to understand at every stage of the journey, what touchpoints does the customer have with your brand. What are their motivations and frustrations? How should we communicate with them to improve their experience?

Improve Customer Journey

Inform & Improve Journey

It's now time to take our journey map, and define KPIs at each stage of the journey.

What gets measured, gets improved. The same is true for your customer journey.

At this stage, we define, and implement measurement for each stage of the journey. This allows for identification of weaknesses, and improvement of overall success rate of the customer journey.