Data Analytics

The Process

Our Data Analytics follows a simple, but effective outline. Which can be applied to almost all businesses looking to understand and analyse their effectiveness, and set themselves up for success. Our team is trained in and uses the principles of Data Science in all their data analysis. We have extensive experience handling datasets anywhere from small-scale start ups, to multi-million dollar companies with thousands of lines of data in any given dataset.

Usually, our process boils down to a few simple steps:

Problem Definition & Desired Outcome​​

It's a simple matter of understanding the questions we're looking to answer through our data, and ensure it will provide us with an actionable outcome.​

Data collection icon

Data Collection Configuration​

Making sure we're accurately measuring metrics that will help us answer our question ensures our analysis and recommendations aren't skewed by messy data. ​

Analysing data under a magnifying glass.

Analysis & Recommendations​

With our data organised and gathered, we use statistical analysis to draw conclusions. From there we make recommendations on actions to take to improve the effectiveness of what we're analysing.​