Digital Marketing Strategy

The Process

There are many components to developing a strong digital marketing strategy, which often goes far beyond simply choosing a platform and creating content. At Nucleus Digital Marketing, we focus on ensuring we’re maximising return on investment for our clients, which is why it’s vital for us to understand the business objectives, and how we’re best placed to support growth. 

We follow a simple six step process to ensure our strategies are insightful, accurate, informative, and actionable

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Define the Business Objectives​

Objectives ensure the different elements of your business are working together to achieve the same goal.

Business objectives go beyond marketing objectives and KPIs, and it's vital to understand the underlying motivation for our clients to ensure we're completely aligned.

We then translate these into KPIs, and, after the strategy is defined, metrics for each channel or activity to support the overall business objectives.

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Research the Target Audience

Understanding the target audience is the most vital part of any strategy.

Taking time to learn their motivations, habits, and activities ensures the strategy suggests activities that will support the business objectives in a cost effective manner.

Time taken here is recouped quickly through reduction in wasted time or money ensuring platforms, channels, or activities recommended have the highest chance of success.

Analysing data under a magnifying glass.

Conduct Competitive Analysis

To identify opportunities, or potential threats, it's vital to research the competition in any industry.

The insight into why customers chose you over the competition, why they continue to work with you, or what makes you stand out in your respective market are the key questions we ask at this point.

Competitive analysis is a strong base for identifying go-to-market messaging, and often informs campaign strategy throughout all marketing materials.

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Define Messaging​

With the three main questions understood, defining the messaging become much easier.

The messaging must appeal to the target audience, stand out from the competition, and drive the business objectives.

This ensures your campaigns have long lasting impact through strong, consistent messages, delivered across multiple channels.

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Create the Overarching Strategy​

Now is where we put it all together, combining the in-depth knowledge of your business environment with our understanding of the digital ecosystem to deliver a strategy that gives detailed insights and rationale for each strategic element or tactic.

We work with you to create an insightful, and actionable strategy.

Improve Customer Journey

Implement Strategy​

Now it's time to put it all together into campaigns that deliver results.

We offer support in strategy implementation, though we don't claim to be an all-in-one solution.

We recommend partners or other service providers where applicable to ensure strong omni-channel campaign delivery.