Email Marketing

The Process

Email marketing is a tried and true strategy for acquiring customers, but it’s often an afterthought. At best, marketers optimize their campaigns through trial and error. At worst, they’re simply guessing. We help you get ahead of the competition by delivering targeted campaigns based on what actually converts for you. We help you track the most important metrics, so you know which campaigns are working for your business.

We follow a simple three step process to ensure we deliver the strongest results.

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Audience Segmentation​

Reaching the right customer, with the right offer, at the right time is crucial for effective email marketing.

It helps maintain your list health, reduce unsubscribes, and avoid email fatigue.

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Content Development​

Ensuring your offer, message, and visual elements are consistent, and will be received effectively by your audience is the tried and tested method for driving action.

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A/B Testing​

As the most effective channel for driving revenue for most businesses, ensuring maximum impact from your emails makes good business sense.

Maximise the impact of your database by running A/B tests and letting your audience tell you what they want.